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[West Japan Railway Company (JR West Japan)]

●All personal information from the website “EVERYTHING FROM JP” will be obtained, saved and used by West Japan Railway Company (JR West Japan).
● West Japan Railway Company (JR West Japan)’s “①Basic Policy for Handling Personal Information” and “②Handling Personal Information from Our Website” is published on the website.

[Felissimo Corporation (Website Operating Company)]

●Felissimo Corporation is operating the website “EVERYTHING FROM JP” commissioned by West Japan Railway Company (JR West Japan).
●All personal information from the website “EVERYTHING FROM JP” will be commissioned by West Japan Railway Company (JR West Japan) and Felissimo Corporation will keep them safely and appropriately.
● Felissimo Corporation’s “Personal Information Protection Principle” and “Personal Information Protection Policy” is published on the website.

【Published Matters (EVERYTHING FROM JP)】
Felissimo Corporation complies with the Private Information Protection Law and other related regulations (Regulations below), and publishes the following matters.
※Personal information from the website "EVERYTHING FROM JP" is managed and discriminated from the other personal information.

1. Purposes for utilizing the personal information

Names, addresses, telephone numbers, date of birth, e-mail addresses, etc. collected from customers will be utilized for the following purposes.
・Handle orders of product/services, delivery, payment, etc., and fulfill and manage the order received.
・Mail catalogs introducing products/services, promotional samples, direct mail, etc.
・Conduct marketing research to create statistical data while respecting the security of personal information.
・Conduct business and services.
・Conduct management of credit, payment, collection by companies.
・Respond to your opinions and requests.

2. Providing Personal Information

Personal information will not be provided to a third party unless the exceptions listed below:
・If an individual has given consent beforehand.
・If it were based on Regulations
・If emergencies such as loss of human life, bodily injuries or assets are at stake and is difficult to receive consent from the individual.
・If the personal information in part or in its entirety is necessary to complete its intended purpose.
・If there were business successions such as joint venture, etc. and personal information need to be disclosed to the new entity.
・In the case where adverse consequence meet operational intent, consigned vendor/s will cooperate with national or local government agencies on matters set forth in the Regulations rather than receive consent from individual/s.

3. Consigning Personal Information

Personal information may be consigned to third parties to complete its intended purposes. When doing so, it will enter into an agreement to protect the security of personal information, and appropriately manage and oversee it in the course of its business.

4. Disclosing, Changing, and Stopping the Usage of Personal Information

①Personal information will be immediately disclosed, changed, and/or stopped being used unless the exceptions listed below:
・If the identity of the individual cannot be confirmed.
・If the minimally necessary information for business operation is lacking.
・If the rights or profits of other customers or third party are jeopardized.
②During the process of disclosure, handling fee may be incurred.
③Please fill out the following form for any questions.〈Contact for Personal Information Inquiry〉
Inquiry regarding personal information will be heared from the Contact Form on "EVERYTHING FROM JP"

5. Others

In order to attempt better operation of the collected personal information, the published matter may change without prior notice.Cookies, web beacon, and other similar technology may be utilized because services on the website are provided. Please click?here?for further information on the utilization of cookies and targeted advertising regarding interests and activities of individuals.

6. Company and person in charge of personal information protection and management

Felissimo Corporation Personal Information Protection Manager

Special Provision (Regarding GDPR)

If you register as a member of EVERYTHING FROM .JP from a EU country, you are a target of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and please read the following content.

1. Once you registered in our site (as a member of EVERYTHING FROM .JP), it implies that you agree your personal data to be transferred to other countries in which the Personal Data Ordinance may not be the same as that in your own country. JR Westwith the applicable regulations and carries out proper measures in order to protect the personal data of the site users (member of EVERYTHING FROM .JP).

2. Regardless of any content listed above, to purchase products and enjoy services at our site, you must be 16 years old or above. Those who are under 16 should ask parents or guardian to use the site on behalf of them.

3. JR West with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and appoints Data Protection Officer and EU representative.
Contact of Data Protection Officer (DPO): ibpg@westjr.co.jp (Japan)
Contact of EU representative: nfo_gs@felissimo.co.jp (France)

4. JR West with the applicable regulation, makes sure there is no abuse or leakage of personal data of the site users (members of EVERYTHING FROM .JP), and maintains the correctness of all personal data. When accessing and transferring the personal data, we encrypt the data and set data access restrictions. Only the essential people who perform the relative tasks will be allowed to manage the data.

《Regarding the use of Cookies and Opt-out》
JR West and our engaged internet service providers (including marketing, analyzing, CS support partners) use cookies or similar tools to collect the browsing statistics of our site. JR West may get those statistic reports from the providers in terms of individual data and aggregated data.

If you access our site with a browser permitting cookies, this implies you want to use the services of our site and agree JR West to use cookies in order to provide services from the site.

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