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Rice, Bread, Noodle

[Somen noodle] Hakuryu 100g


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Rice, Bread, Noodle

[Somen noodle] Hakuryu 100g


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An ultra-fine noodle, showing the true worth of "Miwa Yamamoto". 

Somen handmaded by Somen creators of the highest skill. It is ultra-fine, beyond the reach of any other Somen and it is, in a sense, noodle artwork. It is so fine that 10g of this Somen consists of approximately 300 strands of noodle which is truly astonishing. Hence, the brand name "Hakuhatsu"(grey hair) meaning surrounded by sign of old age. "Hakuhatsu", beautiful to look at, is often used in clear broth soup in many high-end Japanese restaurants. 


3 Exclusive Features made by 1200 years’ history in making this noodle.

[Obsessiveness because it has close to 1200 years of history in making this noodle.
Thin」-Hand pulled method of legendary thinness, made by going through various processes, very carefully. 
Yamamoto Somen is meticulously made using hand, pulling method of over 1200 year history passed on from generation to generation, taking 36 hours in the making. With the skill of an experienced Somen creator, one big doe is made into an ultra-fine Somen going through various processes.  

2. [Worry Free」-Quality born from choosing the best natural ingredients and meticulous management. 
Still, to this day, the raw ingredients are wheat, salt, water and a bit of cottonseed oil. Wheat is our own exclusive flower which we are obsessive about, bringing out the goodness of a Somen. For the salt, as well, exclusive salt full of minerals is used. With quality, there are over 30 inspection items to go through. 

3.Firmness」-The best hand pulled Somen with a completely different firmness and feeling when it goes down your throat.  
Yamamoto hand pulled Somen is made only during the cold season of fall to spring. Made with just the right saltiness and aged in our own storehouse during the rainy season "warding off evil", it is made into a Somen which is firm, sweet and of beautiful texture. The feeling when it goes down your throat is amazing.  

[About the thinness of a Somen] 
The thinner the Somen, the more expensive. Because, with ultra-fine noodle, this can only be made by a Somen specialist of excellent skill and it cannot be mass produced. 
You can select the thinness to your liking. 

Contents: 100g (50g × 2 boxes) 
Country of Origin: Japan 
How to eat: Boiled time: About 60 seconds

Boil in plenty of boiling water with a large pan. Put the noodle in and mix it gently with chopsticks. (A hot water of 2 L or more is a standard relative to 100 g) 
Check the thickness of the noodle, boil it with high boiling and boil it. (Please be careful not to spill over. 
 After boiling, drain water using a strainer, chill it with running water and wash it well. (Please be careful not to burn yourself.) 

Please enjoy as soon as possible after cooking. 

Note: When boiling and washing the noodles, please be careful not to burn yourself.

Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, please store in a place with low humidity at normal temperature. 
Manufacturer name: Miwa Yamamoto Co., Ltd.


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